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It’s January! Depending where you live in Canada, when you go outside these days you’ll need to zip up your fleece or grab your rain jacket and boots, all of which are made with oil and gas (see December 2013 PatchWorks on Fractional Distillation). From sunglasses to flip flops, running shoes to umbrellas, panty hose to shoe polish, oil and gas products keep us protected, active and stylish.

Some world-famous brand names rely on oil and gas to deliver their unique benefits. For examples, you can keep dry with Gore-Tex™, stop a bullet with Kevlar® and stay connected with Velcro™, all made with petroleum.

It is estimated that currently more than 6,000 products are made from oil and gas.

Clothing is just one part of our lives in which oil and gas plays a part. In fact, there are literally thousands of products made from oil and gas, many of which you probably use every day. Things like fuels, cleansers, tools, plastics, sports equipment, safety gear, medicines, electronics, toiletries, construction materials, home furnishings and more.

Below, we zero in on personal products from some examples. Some of them may surprise you!

Of course, the bathroom is home to many more petroleum products, including toilet seats, plungers, bathtubs, shower stalls and curtains, plastic pipes, laundry baskets, linoleum, caulking, Aspirin™, bandages, medicines, cortisone and antihistamines. Take a closer look in your bathroom and closet. You’ll see oil and gas in there!

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